THE BURNT TAPES - neue EP via Lockjaw Records



THE BURNT TAPES aus Athen und London veroeffentlichen ihre neue EP "Alterations" am 2. Juni via Lockjaw Records. Die Band erinnert an alte MENZINGERS oder NOTHINGTON und stellt unten mit "Oh, Marie" einen Song der Platte inklusive Videoclip vor. Zum Track erklaert Frontmann Tone Apostolopoulos:

“The title of the EP ‘Alterations’ is inspired by the changes that occur in your life as you start to approach the end of your 20s, and how you begin to lose people, either physically or through disconnection. Phil (vocals/guitar) lost his grandma a month before recording and the track is dedicated to her”.

The Burnt Tapes - "Alterations" Tracklisting:

1) Alterations
2) Oh, Marie
3) Wayne Regretzky
4) Ghosts
5) Things Get Weird