THE CHARM THE FURY - Albumteaser online



THE CHARM THE FURY aus Amsterdam veroeffetlichen ihr neues Album »The Sick, Dumb & Happy« am 17. März über Nuclear Blast / Arising Empire. Anbei gibt es bereits einen kurzen Teaser zum Release zu sehen, dessen Inhalt und Cover-Artwork die Band wie folgt erklaert:

"This record is a cross-section of the metal sound we hope will resurrect in the next ten years. A return to thrash roots, headbanging anthems, and tried and tested songwriting that made metal so great back in the 80s and 90s.
We found Robert Sammelin via an app, saw his work and immediately knew that this was our guy. He still hand draws his designs, creating some completely surreal comic-style images. While working with him we actually found out that he did key artwork for Battlefield 1, which is crazy. We gave him the rough idea for the spiral eyed skull, the color scheme and blood spatters was all his idea. We wanted something different and we feel he created a completely unique piece, better than anything we could come up with."