THE DANGEROUS SUMMER - neues Album im Juni



Mit "Mother Nature" erscheint das neuen Album der Emo/Indierocker von THE DANGEROUS SUMMER am 14. Juni via Hopeless Records. Anbei stellt die Band um Frontmann AJ Perdomo mit “Way Down” einen weiteren Vorabsong der Platte im Stream vor.  Zur Single sagt Perdomo:

“This song’s about losing everything and reveling in self degradation and pity. When the world hits you, asking it to hit harder, and embracing the pain”

"Mother Nature" hingegen kommentiert Perdomo wie folgt:

The album title ‘Mother Nature’ is meant to provoke the feeling of a powerful force, and living within and alongside that force. The mother, who brought us here, she will swallow us whole in the same breath. Also holding tight to the feeling of the mother, and that nature is female, and a mother to all of us. Growing up with my daughter, I feel the connection to the earth and the female spirit that the world embodies”