THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Gitarrist kann letzten Shows der Tour nicht mitspielen



THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Gitarrist Ben Weinman wird die letzten Gigs der laufenden Tour nicht spielen, da er mit "persönliche Angelegenheiten regeln muss".

Hier ein Statement:
"Because there have been numerous people wondering what the fuck is going on, and because we haven't said anything yet, I feel as though we need to address what people who have been to the last two shows already know. Ben Weinman had to fly home the morning of August 4th to deal with some personal issues, and could not play the final four shows of this tour. Ben has played through injuries too numerous to count, and severe enough that most people wouldn't have even gotten out of bed, let alone play intense and physically demanding shows. He has played through sickness and ignored family emergencies to never ever miss a show, so when he tells me that he has to go home I know that he has to go home. So just a heads up, tonight and tomorrow night, he will not be there, but in the words of Chris Farley in Billy Madison, "you can imagine what it would be like if he were". Except Farley was talking about banging Billy Madison's hot teacher and we're talking about a dude running around onstage like a pissed off rabid chimpanzee."