THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY - neues Album im Januar



Mit "Algorythm and Blues" kuendigt die norwegische Punkrockband THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY ein neues Album fuer 2020 an. Die Band um Ivar Nikolaisen von KVELERTAK plant die Platte am 17. Januar 2020 via Fysisk Format zu veroeffentlichen - anbei gibt es mit "Staying With The Trouble" einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf das Release. Die Band kommentiert:

"Do you fear the devastating effects of global warming? Are you afraid robots will eventually put you out of a job? What about genetic engineering, overpopulation, bees dying or the sixth mass extinction? Or do you feel the spread of algorithmic power is stripping you of your autonomy by messing with your Netflix recommendations? STOP!!! Enough! Rid your fears, ´cause GBZ will accompany you through the Dantenian stages to hell as we all circle the drain, holding your hand through the apocalypse. If you can just stay with the trouble a little while longer."