THE LAST FELONY legen bei Lifeforce Records auf



Die aus Montreal, Kanada, stammende Band kommentiert das Signing folgendermaßen:.

"Our search for a new label is finally over. We are extremely proud to be joining the Lifeforce family. This label has housed so many great bands whether it be past or present which in effect, makes this deal that much more exciting for us."

"Lately, we have been stalled in our search for a label with an open mind in terms of extreme music and Lifeforce seems like the perfect fit for us for obvious reasons. We are grateful for this opportunity which Stefan Luedicke and the Lifeforce family have given us, and are anxious to see what the future holds for our band.''
"We are currently set to release our new full length album ‘’Too many humans’’ due in summer this year. This partnership opens vast opportunities in terms of touring outside Canadian soil, so you can expect to see TLF touring somewhere near you shortly.''

Das zweite Album "Too Many Humans" wird im Sommer 2010 auf Lifeforce Records erscheinen. "Too Many Humans" kann sich aber jetzt schon auf Myspace angehört werden.