THE MENZINGERS - Glück im Unglück



Die Band veröffentlicht ein weiteres Statement, dieses Mal eines voller Dankbarkeit und Freude, da sich die zahlreichen Spenden- und Hilfeaufrufe ausgezahlt zu haben scheinen:

"We have incredible news. Eric, Greg and Dave March have all been able to sort out new passports in time for us to leave the UK. We have to extend our deepest and lifelong gratitude to the folks at Banquet Records. Through donations to our PayPal and the fundraiser set up by Banquet Records we are able to take care of our loses. We’ve closed all fundraising!

We’ve never felt such a sense of overwhelming gratitude, support, and community in our lives. There truly has never been such a strong affirmation of our life choices and the outstanding character of our friends and the people who listen to our music and care for us. From our friends at home to our friends abroad, the names popping up of people who have helped us have brought tears to our eyes. We love you all so much.

There will never be a way to thank everyone enough. Money and possessions will come and go throughout our entire lives. The memory and feelings of being a part of and embraced by such an incredible community during a time like this will absolutely last forever.

With Love,