THE MILK CARTON KIDS - neuer Song, neues Album



Das Folk-Duo THE MILK CARTON KIDS haben sowohl ein neues Album angekündigt als auch einen neuen Song veröffentlicht. 2011 tat sich das Kalifornier Duo zusammen und hat seitdem vier Alben veröffentlicht. Mit "All The Things I Did And All The Things That I Didn't Do" wird die Band erstmals ein Album mit voller Bandbesetzung veröffentlichen. Das Album kommt am 29. Juni 2018 via Anti/Indigo Records, einen neuen Song gibt es schon jetzt auf die Ohren: "Big Time". 

Joey Ryans Kommentar zum Album:
"We were slowly working toward that reconvening over the year we were off the road. The main thing was that we stopped touring because we needed a break. Then Kenneth got sick with cancer, his long-term relationship ended, and some other things happened, so it just took longer to get to a place where we were happy with the songs that we had."
Kenneth Pattengale ergänzt:
"We also reached a point where there were extracurricular factors and ambitions Joey and I had for giving the band a chance to have a bigger outlet and maybe work with some other people. Then it became clear to us that if anything was going to happen we were going to just have to take the bull by the horns."
Hier das Video im Stream: