THE PLOT IN YOU - neuer Song im Stream



THE PLOT IN YOU melden sich mit ihrem neuen Song "Face Me" zurück. "Face Me" ist der erste Vorbote vom neuen Album "Swan Song", das am 17. September 2021 erscheinen wird. Landon Tewers kommentiert, dass "Face Me" bereits 2019 geschrieben wurde: 

"'Face Me' was the first song written for Swan Song in early 2019. It explores the intricacies of a relationship where one person is severely mentally distraught. The damage is so deep but there's an unspeakable element that keeps them laced together. It's about wanting to pull away just as strongly as they want it to be perfect."

Über das neue Album sagt der Frontmann: 

"The album is about the end of things, the end of friendships, the end of relationships, and the end of people's lives. There's not a whole lot of hope. On the other side of it, my life is in a way more positive place now. I said, 'Alright, this is all of the bullshit I can conjure up in my life. Goodbye.' It was therapeutic to dispense all of these painful things from the past and wash out the negativity."

Setlist "Swan Song":

  1. "Letters To A Dead Friend"
  2. "Fall Again"
  3. "Face Me" 
  4. "Too Far Gone" 
  5. "Paradigm"
  6. "Both To Blame"
  7. "Too Heavy" 
  8. "Enemy" 
  9. "Whole Without Me" 
  10. "Freed"