THE STAYAWAKES - Debutalbum im Juni



THE STAYAWAKES veroeffentlichen ihr Debutlalbum "Dogs And Cats / Living Together" am 11. Juni via Surefire Discs/BadHORROR/ShoveItUpYourCult Records. Mit "Keepsakes" stellen die Briten unten einen ersten Song der Platte im Stream vor.
Frontmann Andrew Ricks sagt:
"Keepsakes was the first song I wrote for The Stayawakes. We had at this stage started jamming together with Superchunk and Posies covers. I demoed this myself, played drums and Ed from The Boy I Used To Be played bass. I was definitely listening to a lot to 'Oh Tahoe' by Beezewax at the time but it doesn't really sound like them at least not on this version! Lyrically the themes are about getting back together with old friends, smoking and chilling on a drive home.  Fun fact - I 'borrowed' the ‘rowdy friends have settled down’ part from an Elliott Smith cover of the Hank Williams song!"