THIS WILD LIFE - neues Album am 22. Juni



Das kalifornische Duo THIS WILD LIFE wird ihr drittes Album "Petaluma" am 22. Juni erneut via Epitaph veroeffentlichen. Vorab stellen Kevin Jordan und Anthony Del Grosso mit "Westside" einen zweiten Song der Platte im Stream vor, den Jordan wie folgt kommentiert:
"‘Westside’ is a song I’ve wanted to write for many years but never knew how, since its inspiration isn’t my story to tell. Sexual assault isn’t something many people are comfortable talking about, and my perspective in the song is from a person supporting a loved one who’s experienced it. In my moments of anger and frustration I had to focus on showing love, care, and support for the person who was really hurting. To anyone who’s been affected by sexual assault, find strength in your loved ones and speak up if you’re able. You could never be a burden."
Zum Album erklaert die Band:
"This album is the first record we made with a clear vision before the first song was ever written. Something with the dynamics and emotion we’ve always strived for, but within the bounds of a bright, warm, and organic sonic energy flowing through it.
At times, when it comes to my life, I am as fragile as the glass that adorns the album cover. But like the sunflower at the center of its image, I will always seek the sun and its light. This record feels like the first hint of summer after wandering through the cold – it feels honest and true to us as artists and individuals. It feels damn good."