THRICE - neues Album am 23.09.11 / Gratis Download



Am 23.09.2011 steht mit "Major/Minor" das neue THRICE Studioalbum auf Vagrant Records an.

Mit dem Song "Yellow Belly" steht bereits jetzt eine Songprobe als GRATIS-DOWNLOAD zur Verfügung:

"Yellow Belly" - Download:

Weitere Details zu der Veröffentlichung befinden sich auf und in der folgenden Pressemitteilung:

"Friday, June 3rd, 2011 – Orange County, CA: On September 23th, 2011 Thrice will release Major/Minor, their 7thstudio album. The band also released their 4th installment of the behind the scenes look into the recording process. View the video here:

The recording of Major/Minor began May 2nd in Santa Monica, CA with Dave Schiffman at Red Bull Studios who mixed “Beggars” and engineered “Vheissu.” As a band that continues to push boundaries, Major/Minor will be no exception.

“It’s definitely the most natural progression from record to record that we’ve had in a while. We did The Alchemy Index, which was totally different [from Vheissu]. Then Beggars was kind of the reaction against that. This kind of makes sense coming out of Beggars, but it’s definitely a different record,” says lead singer Dustin Kensrue.

The California-based four-piece formed in 1998 and quickly exploded onto the modern rock and heavy music scenes with their 2001 full-length debut, Identity Crisis, which was followed by fan-favorite scorchers The Illusion of Safety (2002) and The Artist In The Ambulance (2003), as well as the breathtakingly brilliant Vheissu (2005). The Alchemy Index’s Fire and Water installments introduced the album’s elaborate concept in 2007, and then Earth and Air completed the project’s scope in 2008. For the 2009 release of Beggars, Thrice found themselves with the luxury of playing whatever came naturally, with no preconceived direction. From the outset the vibe was a welcome change from the rigid framework behind the Alchemy Index’s element-based concept, and soon all four members were deeply immersed in the project. This will lead the band to the release of their 7th studio album, which they could not be more excited about. “I’m really proud of the record. I’d probably say that for anything we’ve done, but I guess that’s just because of the approach of the record. We’ve been pushing ourselves really hard, and I like to think we’re probably our own toughest critics,” says Kensrue."