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THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD werden ihr drittes Album mit "Skepsis" betiteln und via Prosthetic Records releasen.

"Skepsis" besteht aus diesen Tracks:
01. Parasite Throne
02. Dementia
03. No Haven
04. Perpetual Defilement
05. Inherit Obscurity
06. The Manifest
07. Defaced Reality
08. Siphonaptera From Within
09. Insomnium
10. Skepsis

Gitarrist Justin Longshore: "The recording process for 'Skepsis' has been going really well. We really focused on writing a record that will satisfy fans of our previous two records along with pushing new boundaries. Danny is currently finishing up vocal tracking and we couldn't be any more satisfied with the way things are sounding. I'm really stoked for everyone to hear these new songs."