TOUCHE AMORE - weiterer neuer Song online



TOUCHE AMORE aus Los Angeles stellen mit "Skyscraper" einen weiteren neuen Song aus ihrem kommenden Album "Stage Four" vor, welcher unten im Stream zu finden ist. Die Platte erscheint am 16. September via Epitaph Records / Indigo - bei "Skyscraper" wirkt ausserdem die junge Singer/Songwriterin Julien Baker mit.

Sänger Jeremy Bolm:
“I'm a Leonard Cohen fanatic, and I feel he figured out early that his range can be brought to life with the accompaniment of a beautiful female voice over his. So taking a page from his book I asked Julien to join me on the track. I adore Julien and her talent. I couldn't have been more excited when she was down to do it.”