TO KILL - Van geht in Flammen auf



TO KILL's Van ging plötzlich in Flammen auf, während die Italiener auf ihrer Tour mit LIFERUINER und RECON unterwegs waren. Während einer Nacht passierte das Unglück, aber lest selbst was die Römer zu berichten haben:

"hi everyone.

in the history of to kill we have been pretty unlucky, especially
concerning transportations... especially concerning the van.
it broke down several times and we always could manage to bring it back to
life. but yesterday after over three weeks of tour and 5 days from the end the worst thing happened to it. after the show in Italy and after some afterparty we drove at the place we were staying and went to sleep. at 6 am we have been awaken from some neighbour and we saw smoke coming out from the front of the van.
the time betwen this moment and the fire department to come was like a continue torture. we witnessed always more and more smoke coming out from it and then fire starting from the
inside,burning the whole front of the van.
after 4 years, around 300.000 km or more and shitloads of money spent in reparations and assistance yesterday our van decided to leave us in a definitive way.

we are still paying the new engine we bought last year and we will
have to pay a shitloads of money of insurance that expired one week
ago. the mood is definitly the worst in the to kill history.
that van started the band with us and have been at more to kill shows that
some of the members. the mood is absolutely down right now cause it
was also probably the main tool that allowed us to be as active as we
were so far, but we will try stay positive. it is anyway a huge luck that nobody
was sleeping inside and that the fire department was able to save the
equipment even if lot of personal stuff burned or drawned in the FD
water. we have NO CLUE of what started the fire.
the van was off since over 2 hours and we removed a special key from the engine that removes every possible way of electricity to work plus the FD said there are no evidence of arson. so this whole thing is just unbelievable for us.

we apologize with the promoter and the kids of the next shows of the
tour for not showing up.
we will try to find solutions in order not to cancel
any of the upcoming shows even if right now we have clue of how to do anything at all.

we also would like to catch the chance to thank all the promoters, all
the kids and everyone involved int the last tour and specially Recon
and Liferuiner.

From the hometown of Nero that's all for the moment
P.S.: Recon and Liferuiner are going to playthe last shows anyway.