Hier das Statement der Band:

"Yesterday on the way to our first show of tour in NYC at the Knitting Factory, Nat asked the all important question 'Is this where my appendix is?' He'd been having some stomach pains lately, so after a brief debate we decided to stop in an emergency room in bum fuck Connecticut. Long story short, Nat got checked out, juiced up on pain medication, and eventually went under the knife. His appendix was succesfully removed and he is currently recovering.

So the good news is that Nat is ok. The bad news is that surgery doesn't allow a man to rock out on stage and sleep on dirty floors as is neccessary for a tour, so we have to cancel all the shows for this current tour. This is a major bummer, we were really looking forward to playing Dude Fest and all the other shows, but these are the cards we were dealt.

Thanks to everyone who helped book a show. If we haven't been able to contact you directly yet, we're sorry but circumstances haven't allowed us to track down everybody's info. Please get in touch if you need to pass on any info. The Network is still going to be on tour, so go see them, and promoters please get in touch with them if them if you need to make adjustments to the show.

We're going to be in the hole on a shitload of t-shirts we had printed for tour, and some posters, so if you're into it, please feel free to go to Level-Plane and Merch Now and look for leftover/unsold tour items sometime in the future. Thanks for everyone's support."