TRIVIUM - Matt Heafy meldet sich von der Sound of the Underground Tour



Folgendes Statement hat TRIVIUM Frontmann Matt Heafy auf der offiziellen Website der Band hinterlassen:

"The tours been going damn good... incredible shows, as always killer fans, good times and some amazing fucking bands that we have the honor of sharing the stage with.

ALWAYS GREAT to see Trivium fans and those of you showing up to the shows have been as supportive as ever - some big fucking pits, some jumping, headbanging, hoarse voices, chants, I mean come 'on we all know if you come to a Trivium show we expect you to work as hard as we do - you guys give us tons of energy and a great show, so thanks for that!

Our friends in As I Lay Dying are headlining this years SOTU and are amazing, rockin their hearts out nightly (I think they have some sweet ramps and cabs); In Flames we have toured with them before and they always put on a great show, Cannibal Corpse, our boys from Florida, are punishing the shit outta the crowds daily we've all been fans of them for a while, it's great to finally see them every day; and what can't be said about the blood spewing Gwar tearin it up day in and day out? You need to check them out!

Behemoth is probably the most intense thing I get to see all day, I can tell you one thing their set is Metal as Fuck, the guys are metal as fuck.. it's good to have some new metal friends who shred the shit outta their instruments.

The tour also has fantastic bands like Horse The Band and Through The Eyes of The Dead who really are making some heads fucking bang.

All in all... a pretty good way to spend the summer.

In other news... we're preparing for our first ever headlining tour in the US this coming October, we've been touring for the past 2 years and we are excited to be able to do our own thing for the first time, especially here at home, we will be supporting our 2nd Roadrunner Records release titled The Crusade expected to be in shops worldwide in early October, we are planning on bringing out some sick bands for our tour and are finalizing the line up which we think is really great and diverse, more info about the tour will come later.

Once we finish our October headlining run - it's off to Europe to join the mighty fucking Iron Maiden for six weeks or so of what we know will be a very great tour as Iron Maiden will be supporting their newest release titled MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH we are really looking forward to it, truly one the world's best and most influencial metal bands ever.

When we finish touring with Iron Maiden at the end of the year we will take a little break and off again doing more world conquering in early 2007, we know 2007 will be a busy year on the road and we are looking forward to seeing where it leads and meeting many of you along the way.

We will be shooting some new music videos, taking some new pr photos, doing some new interviews and whatever we can to support The Crusade, so you'll get all new vids and sweet shit like that soon."