TWO GALLANTS äußern sich zum Zwischenfall mit der Polizei



TWO GALLANTS haben sich zum Zwischenfall bei ihrer Show geäußert. Hier einige Statements:

"We were in the middle of a song and there was kind of an instrumental section of the song between verses, and I go over near Tyson with my back to the side of the stage where my microphone was, so I had my back to the whole right side of the stage, facing Tyson. [...] But when I turned around to sing the last verse, this cop was there.

I think he was getting on the stage right when I was turning around. Had a flashlight in his hand and it was turned on, he was pointing it at me and walking towards me and yelling at us to stop. And I questioned him--I don't remember my exact words, but I don't think it matters. I asked 'why?', or said 'what's the problem?' just wanting to have some explanation, which I think I'm lawfully due. And I questioned him once and he didn't give me any answer, he just yelled at me to stop again. And I think I questioned him one more time."

Weiterhin erklärte dei Band:

"For some reason, the next thing I remember, he was walking towards the corner of the room, and he was pushing this kid and took out his Taser and started Tasing this kid in the corner, and shoving him against the corner.

He was really focused on this one kid, who was really young. I think he was fourteen years old. He kept Tasing him over and over again. The kid started having convulsions or something. It's so crazy. You can kill somebody with one of those things."