TYLER CARTER - neuer Song veröffentlicht



TYLER CARTER, Frontmann der Band ISSUES, bringt diesen Freitag eine Akustik-EP raus. Die EP "Moonshine Acoustic" enthält sechs akustische Versionen seines Solo-Debütalbums sowie den neuen Song "Escape My Love" und ein FLEETWOOD MAC Cover. Die EP erscheint via Rise Records.

Carter kommentiert: 

"'Escape My Love' is a song I have kept in the vault for years. As a songwriter, there will always be songs that may never see an opportunity to come out. I'm happy this one finally found a place. I wrote this song about falling in love with someone who was not yet ready to live their truth - everyone has their time and story to tell, and that's valid. But it was heartbreak nonetheless and I've always put my feelings into my music before anything else."

Den neuen Song könnt ihr ab sofort streamen.