TYLER CARTER (ISSUES) - neue Solo-EP am 26. Juni



TYLER CARTER, Frontmann der Alternativeband ISSUES, wird am 26. Juni eine Akustik-EP namens "Moonshine Acoustic" via Rise Records veroeffentlichen. Anbei stellt der Musiker das darauf enthaltene FLEETWOOD MAC Cover "Landslide" vor. 
Die EP enthält acht Songs, sechs davon sind Akustikversionen des Solo-EP "Moonshine". CARTER kommentiert:
"Fleetwood Mac's original 'Landslide' has always resonated with me and connected me with my roots and my family, especially my mom. Coming from fronting a rock band for most of my career, to crossing over and doing R&B and pop country as a solo artist, I felt this song fit as a coming out cover about changes and growth, evolution, and knowing where you came from. I also think it's a great song for a gay rising artist."