Update von COALESCE



Sean Ingram, Frontman von COALESCE hat ein kleines Update online gestellt und sich an dieser Stelle auch zu Releaseplänen geäußert:

"On Dec 28th and 29th Coalesce was in action at Black Lodge Studios. Back during the Hell Fest fiasco, We ended up writing a couple of songs. We were thinking of either just doing coalesce again, or starting under a new name due to a couple things... one being how demanding anything with the name "coalesce" would be due to our torrid history, and two, I have nothing lyrically to add to any Coalesce project. My anger and angst, and hatred and whatever else I drew from to make those songs, it's completely tapped out and no where to be found.

We decided we were too old and busy to do either, but the 2 songs were written. We almost let them disappear until we realized that our dvd footage is terrible at best, and the one thing we really wanted to send this band off with, was a completely old school 7" release complete with a book of pictures, stories, tab, whatever, all of it. So that is what we have planned, and have been working on. So in short, we are making a book/7"/dvd as the last thing for Coalesce and want to put it out ourselves with some help from our best friend Dan Second Nature we hope. It's been a blast to say the least. Not only have 2 of the coolest Coalesce songs come out of this, but we've all rebuilt our friendships, and that's the absolutely best thing about all of this.

For the songs, we settled on 2, and putting as much coalesce weirdness into each as possible. The first song starts out with a very punk or even NIN drum beat, and then stays upbeat for most of the song. It goes into an annoying screeching part, and Jes even pulled out Ed's electric sitar for that. The second song is a little more traditional Coalesce and has one of the best breakdown finales I think I have ever heard.

The Instrumental tracks are all done, and I get to go back in to work with Ed on Feb 20 to lay down all vocals and then go to final mix. I completely need the time because the band rewrote one of the songs from scratch the night before they recorded, and as Nate says, "I need a road map to find my way around this song". Below is a little few second clip to get a taste of what's to come. I'm very excited. I only hope my final lyrics ever for this project do justice to the creativity and talent Jes and the Nates put into these songs."

Ein Song Sample findet man hier.