VREID - Video zu "Sólverv"



Zum Titelsong ihres neuen Albums "Sólverv" stellen die Norweger von VREID einen Videoclip vor. Am 09. Oktober erscheint das neue Album dann bei Indie Recordings.

Hváll, Bassist der Band zum Track:

" Sólverv is the title track from out new album, and I can say with all honesty that this is a milestone track from Vreid. This song defines all of our work, and feels like our strongest accomplishment to date.Working with the wizard Kim Holm is an enormous inspiration for me. When I saw his work for the first time 4 years ago I got the shivers. He has gotten the Kittelsen/ Valstad touch that I haven't seen by any artist today, yet a complete unique and modern signature that makes him original. He has brought a new dimension to our art, and the way his artwork for the album has transcended into the video is mesmerising."