VUKOVI - animiertes Video zu "Behave"



Das Indie-Duo VUKOVI meldet sich mit einem neuem animierten Videoclip zum Song "Behave" zurueck. Dabei praesentieren die Schotten die Lyrics in Gebärdensprache. Die Band kommentiert:

"The whole message behind Vukovi is inclusivity. Anyone can be a part of Vukovi and we’re always thinking of ways to show that to people. Rather than 'yet another lyric video' we decided to create something that would include another demographic of people that I feel are sadly forgotten about at times. We hope you all enjoy"


Zum Song selbst erklaert Saengerin Janine Shilstone:

"This definitely feels like the start of a new era for Vukovi. 'Behave' is about struggling to deal with too much, or indeed too little of someone, or something, depending on your perspective. It's about challenging the situations we put ourselves in, written in the form of a frank letter to ones self"