WARS - weitere neue Single online



"I Don't Feel A Thing" ist nach "Murmurs", "Only Monsters" und "A Fog Of Feeling" bereits der vierte Song, der vom kommenden WARS-Album veröffentlicht wurde. Die Band released das neue Album in Kapiteln - so wird "A Hundred Shivers" erst im kommenden Jahr in Gänze erscheinen. "I Don't Feel A Thing" und "Murmurs" stellen gemeinsam das zweite Kapitel der Veröffentlichungen dar. 

Über den neuen Song sagt Sänger Rob Vicars:

“’I Don't Feel A Thing’ is about the danger of adjusting too much to your surroundings, constantly trying to live within the emotional means of your environment; which can leave you oscillating between feeling too much and not feeling at all. I think there's a point where you become numb and a point soon after that where it all comes rushing back and it's a battle at both ends of the spectrum"