WE CAME AS ROMANS - Europadeal mit Nuclear Blast



WE CAME AS ROMANS sind für Europa von Nuclear Blast unter Vertrag genommen worden.

Die Band sagt: "We're beyond excited to start working with Nuclear Blast. We love touring in Europe and think that this will be the perfect step for us. We've toured in Europe twice now and can't wait to return and visit all of the friends and fans we met on those tours. We are really looking forward to working together on the new album and future tours!"

Markus Jakob von Nuclear Blast: „We're stoked to be working with such an amazing and innovative band. WE CAME AS ROMANS have already proved to be one of a kind in the US as well as in the European underground. Their new tunes will definitely break the band all over the world! Just listen to the first two tracks and you'll know what I am talking about! This is HUGE! We're looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and are sure fans will love WCAR's newest offerings!“

Ein Signing Trailer gibt es auch: