WE WERE SHARKS - neues Album im Februar



WE WERE SHARKS aus Ottawa, Kanada stellen mit "Beyond Repair" einen ersten Song ihres neuen Albums "Lost Touch" inklusive Videoclip vor. Die Platte der Poppunkband wurde produziert von SILVERSTEIN-Gitarrist und erscheint am 23. Februar 2018 erstmals via Victory Records. Zum Signing aeussert sich WE WERE SHARKS-Gitarrist Jason Mooney wie folgt:

“Growing up, the bands that stuck with us the most were bands from Victory, and now we get to be part of that family. I remember picking up (any) Victory release and inside you’d find a Victory DVD with the latest music videos. There was no YouTube or Spotify back then, this was your key to what was new and upcoming. It’s an honor to know that we’re part of a roster that has made a huge impact in the scene, and we hope that there’s a kid who finds us and feels as excited as we did when we found those bands.”