Wieder gibt eine Band auf und zwar die Italiener WHEN SEASONS CHANGE.
Das Statement der Band hier:

"hello to everyone, i'm so sad to tell you that two days ago we took the bitter decision to break up. i know that's a total bummer, cause we had a tour kicking off in a couple weeks, a record coming out in a few days and so many people helping us out, but that's life, and it mostly sucks...
arguments happened within the band and that's kinda normal, but some of us dropped the straightedge and then their motivation grew thinner and thinner, leading them to the decision to stay home from the tour and not go on with the band.

we're so thankful to all those people who helped us out in the past months and in the past four years, as five friends coming from the same uglytown, we almost never expected to reach some goals we actually achieved. and it's all thanks to the few people who supported us throughout these years.

peace out.

when seasons change