WITH THE DEAD - neues Album im September



Der Rise-Above-Boss Lee Dorrian verkuendet nach dem Ende von CATHEDRAL ein neues Release seiner Band WITH THE DEAD auf dem eigenen Label. Mit "Love From With The Dead" erscheint das neue Album seiner Heavy-/Doomband am 22. September via Rise Above Records.

Lee erklaert:

“We were very happy with the way the first album was received. To be honest, there were no real expectations with the first LP. It’s hard to explain. We just got together and did it. There was no big anticipation. We knew it was going to be well received by certain people, just because of the sheer heaviness of it, but we didn’t think it would get the reaction it did. It sold really well and got a good response all around. It came together so strangely and so fast. We hadn’t gone round, sweating in the clubs, although we’ve all done that previously. The record came out on Rise Above so it was easy and there were no demands from anyone except ourselves. The important thing is, we didn’t want it to be seen as some novelty project band.”