WOES - Video zu "Be Alone"



WOES stammen aus Edinburgh und spielen sonnigen Poppunk und veroeffentlichen heute ihre selbstbetitelte EP via Rude Records. Unten stellt die britische Band ihren neuen Videoclip zum Song "Be Alone" vor - zum EP-Release sagen die Kumpels von NECK DEEP:


"We knew from day one that we wanted to create our own sound, that we didn’t want to blend into the background and fade away. I guess that’s easy to say, and hard to accomplish and I suppose everyone wants that.. Early in the process, I guess it was a lot of listening - a lot of listening to what we liked, and then what was popular. And asking ‘What’s next? How could someone do that better?’ We started to come up with some really great ideas that were slowly coming together. We’ve always had this balancing act, of really wanting to do the unexpected with our songs - but to also keep them accessible, we didn’t want to become a prog band with 7 minute long songs that no-one ever gets to the end of. But we still wanted the listener to be like ‘Holy fuck… Did you just hear that?’

We moved into a cottage near Seb (Barlow)’s studio in Wales a couple of days before production began. And we were pretty much working 20 hours a day, drinking and writing non stop. The songs were mostly done at this point, but we kept adding layers, swapping out lyrics and making them better, changing out harmonies. Just anything to make every little aspect of the record as rich and detailed as possible. Even once production began, we’d get home from the studio at 9pm and just keep going till 3am. It was great, probably one of the most fun and creative times of our lives. It was a lot of hard work, with varying amounts of disagreement and compromise but ultimately we came up with something that we’re all immensely proud of. We’ve absolutely achieved the goals we set coming in, and exceeded our wildest expectations."