WOLF - Sommeralbum / Trennten sich vom Drummer



Die Heavy Metal-Band WOLF gab bekannt, dass sie auf dem Weg sind, neue Songs für ein im Sommer erscheinendes Album zu schreiben. Weiterhin trennte sich die Band von ihrem Drummer Tobias 'Hammershark' Kellgren und gab dazu folgendes Statement ab:

"As many of you've seen when watching us onstage lately is that Tobias 'Hammershark' Kellgren is not with us anymore. It was a mutual decision taken way back in august that Hammershark was to leave due to lack of time to tour and personal issues, and we can't let that hold us back. But as you might have noticed, we haven't exactly been sitting around doing nothing. Nope, we've borrowed IN SOLITUDE drummer Uno 'Piranha' Bruniusson as live/session drummer for shows and upcoming February recording. We will wait with announcing a permanent drummer so we're not making any speedy decisions to jeopardize WOLF's or Uno's future carriers.

"We're hard at work, harder than ever, and we goddamn love it! The wolf is loose and was last seen heading your way."