YELLOWCARD - Studio Updates



YELLOWCARD haben ein kleines Update in ihren Studio-Blog gepackt, aber lest selbst:

"Studio Day One

Here we are. January 2nd, 2007 is officially the first day of tracking for our new record. It is kind of surreal to us that we are back in the studio already. Making a new record is an amazing thing. Its a fresh start. A new set of songs we will be pouring our hearts into not just for the next two months of work but the rest of our career as Yellowcard. The energy in this place is just radical right now. LP will be laying down the first drum track in just a few minutes. Keep checking the myspace page for updates. We will do our best to give you a new message every day. And maybe even some samples of the new tunes!


Studio Day Two

Today was much more productive than yesterday. We had the usual first day hangups but today we came in and LP just started shredding. We are almost done with our third song for the day and then we will probably call it. If LP is up for a fourth then he truly is an animal. Talk to you tomorrow!

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