YOUTH FOUNTAIN - neue Akustik-EP



Nachdem Saenger Cody Murano letzten Sommer die Poppunkband YOUTH FOUNTAIN verliess, stellt die Band / das Projekt um Gitarrist und Saenger Tyler Zanon nun eine Akustik-EP mit Songversionen des aktuellen Albums "Letters To Our Former Selves" vor, welches ab sofort via Pure Noise erhaeltlich ist. Zum Track “Deadlocked” gibt es unten zudem einen Videoclip zu sehen. 

“A lot of people like the band for the energy and grit in our vocals. That’s what carries the project. I tried out the mellow things a bit on these songs, but couldn’t completely go there. Ultimately I’m just me. 

It’s so freeing to not have other cooks in the kitchen. I have these visions of how I want things to sound, and it’s up to me now to execute on them. This all started as a solo project, so why not keep it going?”