Scars Of Tomorrow - Design Your Fate



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Scars Of Tomorrow - Design Your Fate



SOT come from the same scene as 18 Visions, Bleeding Through and Throwdown. So its really no surprise that they belt out this form of brutal metalcore which has become so popular right now. Soundwise they kinda reminded me of an 18 Visions/Hatebreed hybrid. This is not speedy HC punk in the vein of Agnostic Front and those guys, but dark crunching power chords with double kick drums all over the place and death-metal type vocals. Lyrically it’s what you’d expect from this brand of hardcore. Emo type subject matter ‘I see your face and it sickens me, your life, it has meant nothing’, ‘Maybe you would realise that it might be you. The face that destroys all creation’, lyrically very similar to what From Autumn to Ashes and those type of bands turn out. This is not your average HC lyrical fare about the brotherhood, unity and justice. If you like this brand of hardcore, then you’ll definitely be happy with SOT. This whilst borrowing from the above bands quite heavily is nonetheless a very satisfying release which more than stands on its own.


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