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Scars Of Tomorrow - Bochum - Matrix (22.01.2007)

Scars Of Tomorrow - Hannover - Bei Chez Heinz (10.03.2006)

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15.03.2006 - 17:28:39     Scars Of Tomorrow    

We signed to Victory in 2003. We put out two records before that on a small label called Thorp Records, and we were just at a point where we knew that we wanted to start touring full-time, and seeing the country and everything. And then Atreyu helped us out, and they gave our CD to Victory and said: “Hey, you should really pick up these guys!” We were talking to a couple of other labels at the time, but then Victory was like: “If you guys are serious about being a band, we’ll put everything behind you guys.We’ll help you guys do it.” So we have been on Victory since and put out two records on Victory

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05.12.2009 - 20:43:32     Scars Of Tomorrow    
SCARS OF TOMORROW werden im Januar 2010 eine EP namens "Demolished" mit altem Material veröffentlichen. "We are excited to announce that Scars of Tomorrow will be releasing some old material in January on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon MP3. This four-song EP was tracked in 2002 between the albums 'All Things Change' and 'Design Your Fate.' Two of the... mehr »


16.03.2007 - 13:00:08     Scars Of Tomorrow    
SCARS OF TOMORROW haben sich aufgelöst. Ein Teil der Band möchte aber weiterhin Musik machen. Mike Milford über seine Zeit bei SCARS OF TOWORROW und das Brake-Up: \"In 1999 I joined this band without even knowing the amazing things that would happen to me over the last few years .We have had so many ups and downs throughout the years but one thing... mehr »

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03.12.2006 - 11:41:13     Scars Of Tomorrow    
Hier der Link zum \"The Unwinding\" Video von Scars Of... mehr »

SCARS OF TOMORROW Bilder vom \"The Unwinding\" Videodreh

22.10.2006 - 11:41:33     Scars Of Tomorrow    
Auf ihrer My Space haben Scars Of Tomorrow in einem Blog mehrere Bilder vom Videodreh zum Song \"The... mehr »

SCARS OF TOMORROW - \"The Unwinding\" Video online

19.10.2006 - 21:02:47     Scars Of Tomorrow    
SCARS OF TOMORROW haben ein Video zum Song \"The Unwinding\" gedreht. Fotos vom Dreh findet ihr... mehr »