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08.12.2019 - 22:28:38     boysetsfire     Kmpfsprt     Raised Fist     Thursday     Family First Festival     Norbert Buchmacher    

BOYSETSFIRE werden 25 Jahre alt. Und genau wie sechs Tage zuvor ihre Kollegen von HOT WATER MUSIC zelebrieren sie das im Kölner Palladium. Wie gewohnt, und heute umso mehr, unter dem Motto ?Family First?. Darf ich die Familie vorstellen? THURSDAY (sehr rar), RAISED FIST (rar), KMPFSPRT (zählt nicht, weil heimisch) und NORBERT BUCHMACHER (adoptiert).

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Interview mit Thursday

29.06.2006 - 18:35:18     Thursday    

You know, if someone came up to us and was like: \'Hey that record was an emo classic\'. I mean, as far as this genre goes... There are so many band, that ripped it of... We kind of avoid these situations. Because it\'s really like a silly time term... At least in my eyes, I mean what is music if it is not emotional, you know. And... I don\'t know... you could label \'NEILL YOUNG\' Emo, if you wanted to or anything else ridiculous, like... THE BEATLES or whatever, you know. So I just think it\'s a silly term. And besides, I think that we are a lot different from what\'s out there right now, as far as the Emo music, you know.

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