Interview mit Autopsy



Hey, how are you and what are you up to these days? What’s happening in AUTOPSY?

Chris: I’m doing fine. I have my cup of coffee and I’m ready to go. There’s plenty happening with Autopsy. We have “All Tomorrow’s Funerals” about to come out, a dvd that will be out this year, a video about to be premiered, some show dates lined up and new material in the works as well. That’s enough for the moment. Haha!

Let’s get right into the questions. With “All tomorrow’s funerals” just a couple of days away from the shelves, how are you feeling about this release?

Chris: We’re looking quite forward to it. It’s gonna be a nice slab of sickness!

With three new songs to hear and a retrospective on all eps,maybe you can explain what the main idea behind this release is. Who should buy this? Have you a special group of fans in mind?

Chris: It’s a collection album, simply put. It’s got all of our ep’s on it as well as about 20 minutes of new recordings to make it more interesting. Who is it for? Autopsy fans, I would think. And the BPjM who have taken interest in us recently. They’ll just love it!

Are the new songs representing the way AUTOPSY is going to be heading in the future? Or are they meant to celebrate the old sound? Since they are coming together with couple really old stuff, dating back to almost 1991?

Chris: It’s more of what you would expect from Autopsy. No major changes, just crushing death metal in the best way we know how to deliver it. Musically, I think we’ve been pretty consistent over the years.

Why was especially “Mauled to Death” chosen to be rerecorded?

Chris: It’s the very last song that needed a proper album treatment. It was only recorded as a demo back in 1987 before Danny even joined the band. Now he can say he’s played on every Autopsy song in existence. Haha! That seemed like a good enough reason to us. It sounds heavy as fuck too!

What’s the difference between old school AUTOPSY and AUTOPSY anno 2012? What has changed regarding your sound, how you make music or how you think about your music?

Chris: No big changes to speak of. We play a bit of everything from old to new when we do live gigs and everything blends together really well. We’re not trying to reinvent the Autopsy wheel, you know? At the same time we don’t want to recycle old riffs and call them new songs either. It’s kind of like when you get a new Motorhead album, you sort of know what to expect but there are always cool surprises in there too.

What’s planned for AUTOPSY for the near and further future? 25 years of AUTOPSY is on the table. Is there something special planned for this year?

Chris: Just more of the same. There are a few shows in the works and a couple of releases going on as well. And of course plenty of whiskey and beer! Not that we need a special occasion for that. Hah!

On some boards on the internet a discussion rose about the age of musicians in death metal bands. As musicians and fans grow older, people on the net discuss, if it’s still credible that guys in their forties make this kind of music and sing about death and worse. Or on the other side, to listen to that stuff. Since you’ve been there since the beginning, what’s your view on this particular topic?

Chris: I don’t think that topic makes sense at all and seems like a waste of internet space to me. If a band sounds good, that’s all that matters. You can be 16 or 46 years old. At our shows I’ve seen people older than us and much younger than us and I think it’s great. I can only speak for us as far as attitudes go, but we have more energy than ever at this point and there is more brutality to come, like it or not!

Do you actively follow new bands? And how do you think Death Metal has done since the old days?

Chris: Death metal is going stronger than ever. Anyone with eyes and ears can tell, you know? And yeah, I can get into new bands, old bands, whatever sounds kick ass!

A question about ABSCESS. After the 2010 “Dawn of Inhumanity”, which was personally my highlight of 2010, ABSCESS ceased to exist in favor to the Rebirth of AUTOPSY. Is there a chance ABSCESS is going to be exhumed or is the band dead for good?

Chris: Thanks a lot for the cool words there. We are still quite proud of that album and I do think it’s underrated, but that’s how it goes sometimes unfortunately. We sure worked our asses off on that thing. At this point Abscess is not likely to reform, but stranger things have happened before.

Alright, thanks for the interview and your time. The last words are always for the artist:

Chris: Thanks a bunch for the time and support. Cheers to all who are reading this. There’s more Autopsy insanity on the way!