Interview mit Cody



1. Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Kaspar. I am playing guitar and singing in the Danish band CODY.

2.You started CODY in 2004. Was CODY your first musical project or did you have bands before?

CODY is not the first band I've been in. Since I started playing guitar in 1998, I've been in a band. I actually learnt to play guitar in my first band, witch I started with my friend Simon, whom I met in a local music-store when we were both in ground-school. Since then I've been in many bands, both as sideman and as a part of the band.

3. Your Debut EP and the Album "Songs" were released 2009. Both Releases had very good reviews in Newspapers and Musicmagazines. Did you see that coming?

Releasing your first album is always exciting and a bit scary. With the EP came out I was very excited because this was the first time that I would have something reviewed. We were lucky and people liked it. The excitement was different with the album cause I think we were expecting more, referring to the reviews of the EP.

4. What are you doing when you are not doing music?

Playing music, like we do in CODY, doesn't pay very well so we all have jobs or attending university. At the moment I am helping a handicapped girl which is my job. Otherwise I am spending my time on reading books and newspapers seeing friends and other normal stuff. But of cause I'm spending a lot of time on writing new material, so my world is centered around music. We are now working on new songs and I believe that the style will change a bit not being that focused on folk music. We have been flirting with the post-rock and noise-rock. The vision is to integrate those into the folk and americana sound we've had up until now.

5. Did you ever write a song for a girl?

Yes, I have written a song to a girl, maybe I've written many songs to girls? One song stands out clearly witch is "Catch The Straw" from "Songs". It is written to a dear friend of mine. She was a girl that hated her self and lived out the visions and norms of others.

6. How would you describe CODY in 4 Words, to a drunk, but really hot girl, who has never heard of you?

To the drunk girl. it is sexy, melancholic, but happy, moving and slow.

7. Which song makes you dance?

Songs that make me dance would be (out of many): The Doves "Pounding", Phoenix "If you ever feel better"

8. What was the best CODY show ever?

CODY has played many amazing shows. At the SPOT festival we played in an auditorium with 1700 seeds and it was packed. Also the support gigs for The National and Tindersticks were amazing. One of the shows that stands out was a show we played on our last european tour. We came to Munich where a couple of young guys had put on a show for us in a restaurant. The amount of people that showed up was amazing, it was actually sold out. This was a very cool night and a night to remember.

9. Any last words?

Thank you so much for your time. Now I have to get back to my song-writing so I will be ready to record a new album.