Interview mit Comeback Kid



Hello Andrew, how are you doing? are you on tour now?

Andrew: Hey Raphael. I'm doing good. Just had a long night drive and now in a small city called Timmins in Ontario, Canada. We are on our
Through The Noise tour with Madball, A Wilhelm Scream, Living With Lions, and Devil In Me!

You’re new record is out now. How does it feel? How are the reactions on the record?

A. It feels so good to have a new album. It has been a long time coming for us. “Broadcasting” came out about 3 years ago, since then we've toured a lot of the world and put out a live dvd/ documentary. But we are glad to finally have some new music that we can incorporate into our set list. The reaction has been really good so far. The reviews we've seen are amazing, and our friends and for lack of better term "fans" seem to be digging the album.

In some songs of the new record i can hear a clear touch of sights & sounds. Do you think so to and if so, was this something that was

A. I don't really think so. But I can see how someone could would say that because I am the singer and one of the song writers in both bands
so some of what is my style I'm sure shines through in both bands. Though I look at CBK and S&S songs very differently in the way I
approach writing the songs.

Is sights & sounds just an one time project for yourself or can we expect something more from that band?

A. Yes, we will be doing a lot more with Sights & Sounds. Probably some Europe/ UK stuff early 2011. But now that the Comeback Kid album
is out we will be focussing on that with heavy touring for the good part of 2010/early 2011. S&S is trying to record a 7 inch before christmas that we hope to release early next year. Just a few new songs.

Was it hard for you in the studio to get back from those atmospherical elements of S&S to the elements of hardcore and punk?

A. Not really. I'm immersed with HC/ Punk all the time. Touring, going to shows. It's 2 totally different things but I like the contrast and
its fun as a musician to do different styles of music. I like the freedom and balance.

there are a lot of fans who said that comeback kid were an another band after "wake the dead".i think that cbk found their own way to be an consitent band. how do you felt in these days where everyone said, that cbk isn't cbk anymore?

A. I agree with you. I mean obviously things were going to change when Scott left the band, and I moved from guitarist to vocalist. We also
ended up taking a different direction with Broadcasting...

With "Symptoms + Cures" musically I think it is a definite throwback to some of the musical styles of WTD. It's the same writing approach and we have the same concept for the band's songs as we did when we started. Though the fact that it the band has been around for 10 years and the singer got switched could definitely give someone the opinion that the band sounds different. Which is fine with us. This is the new world. Why try to re hash the past? We are trying bring a new flavor
to our brand of HC/ Punk.

i saw you at the highfield festival in leipzig a few weeks ago. there was a very big stage and a lot of distance to the crowd. are comeback
kid at home on those big stages? i mean, it is way back that i saw you in a little club.

A. Festivals like Highfield are fun to play but it is definitely not a usual kind of thing for us. This was a big alternative festival w
mainstream bands and as you said a huge barricade between the band and crowd. What we really like is mixing things up and doing different kinds of shows in different kind of venue situations with different kinds of bands. We like the contrast between the small clubs and the big festivals. Both are fun for us.

You are coming back with parkway drive and the never say die tour. do you like all these 7-big-bands-sponsored-by-whatever-tours? isn't this
the total dull dispatch of fans and the bands by theirselves? i think a fan of comeback kid would get so much more from a little club show 200 people than from all these tours. don't you think so?

A. I can see your point with that. But as I was saying before, we just try to mix it up. For example, we're on tour w. Madball today and
played in a small town called Sudbury in Canada. There were about 150 people in a tiny room and we all played on the floor. We do headline tours in smaller venues and support other bands on bigger bills so that we can play for some new people. We're aware of where we are as a band and want to get our brand of HC/punk out there to people who may not have otherwise heard of us.

Which were the last shows you saw and what do you think is the most important part for a band to play a good live show?

A. Last shows I saw were Pavement in Vancouver. Wasn't really too stoked on it. Trash Talk and Fucked Up played in London a few weeks ago and that was a cool show. The most important part of a live show to me is the vibe and I guess it helps when the crowd is going buckwild.

Let's talk about victory records. there are always bad rumours about their label politics and the deals they made. are you still happy with
them? i can imagine that there are a lot of other labels who want to release the new record of cbk. am i wrong?

A. Victory has released 3 albums and a dvd for us and we've been with them for years. There are some really great people who work at the
label and that believe in CBK and what we're doing still which is very encouraging. We are still under contract with them ... as far as
rumours, bands always have issues/ ups and downs with labels. We're happy that they get our album out and we are able to play shows pretty much globally, and touring is where we reap the benefits of doing this band.

What can we expect in the near future from comeback kid?

A. Lots of tours. North America/ Europe/ Australia in 2010. Then in 2011 we will be going to be touring US/Asia/ South America / more Canada and Europe. The cycle continues... we are in really good spirits and getting prepared to be on the road non stop for the next
year +.

the last words are yours, thanks for taking time and good luck for the future!!!

Cheers for the interview!