Interview mit Comeback Kid



Torben: Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about COMEBACK KID.

Andrew: Hi, Im Andrew Neufeld and I play guitar in Comeback Kid. We are a punk/hardcore band from Winnipeg, Canada.

Your new Album, "Wake The Dead", is a bit darker than "Turn it Around" and you deal for example with issues like personal loss. In which way does your current release also differs from your first one?

Andrew: Well, I think "Wake The Dead" is a much more mature record. I think we have improved as musicians and as a band in general. We are all really happy with how the record came out. Musically it is a little more melodic and intense I think. There is a little bit more of a punk influence to it, but we are still writing generally fast melodic hardcore. I just think the songwriting is alot better. You are right about the record being a little bit darker than "Turn It Around".

The title track "Wake The Dead" is about making decisions and pushing forward. Is this track characteristic for the whole album?

Andrew: I think the whole record has one common thread in it. That is questioning what is going on around you, in your life, or what you are seeing. Pushing forward no matter how bad the situation might be or how defeated you feel. There is definitely an underlying hope in the record if you look close enough.

Your music lives a lot from its raw energy. Are there any bands influencing you in terms of power and sound?

Andrew: Some bands we have really been influenced by are Lifetime, Madball, Propagandhi, Sick Of It All, Chain Of Strength, etc. We love the power and the energy! haha.

Is it right that there are less mosh parts on "Wake The Dead", if yes why?

Andrew: That wasn't really a conscious decision that we made. It was more like "Hey, we have this song... should we throw a breakdown in here?" and sometimes the song wouldn't need it. We didn't want to have breakdowns for the sake of having breakdowns. We didnt't want to force breakdowns in songs. There are some hard as nails parts in this record... just not on every song.

What can you tell us about the unofficial video to "Wake The Dead" and what do you think about it?

Andrew: Joey Bertran and some other kids from California did that video without us even knowing! I think it came out awesome. It's about zombies! We are making our own video for that song at the end of this month and we are really excited about it. Look out for it sometime in late March!

You just toured through Japan. How did you experience the country and the music fans?

Andrew: The country was amazing! I love the culture, the food, and the people. Sometimes Japan is really crazy though. We played some shopping mall areas that seemed like Toyland with all the bright lights and video game centers. Hardcore in Japan is alive and well. The kids are amazing. They seem dedicated and sincere. There were no bullshit fights at our shows and everyone went buck wild. I had the best time!

Some of you guys are making music with COMEBACK KID and FIGURE FOUR. How do you manage the different schedules of the bands and don't you fear that one day you will have to decide in favour of one of the two bands?

Andrew: Jeremy and I both play in Figure Four. At first it was really difficult because FF would be on tour all the time and CBK was kinda the side project. As time went on Comeback Kid gained some momentum and started touring more. There were times when I would be on tour with Figure Four and then not even go home before going out with Comeback Kid. It was pretty crazy. These days FF hasn't been touring that much. Other members have other commitments as well. So Comeback Kid is full time for us.

What do you expect from your deal with victory records?
Andrew: I expect millions of dollars!!!! haha. Honestly I just expect to see our records in stores worldwide and I expect them to promote our band as best as possible. That's all we can ask for. So far they are doing a great job.

In what ways do you consider yourselves being comeback kids?
Andrew: We play in a band called Comeback Kid... so I guess that makes us the Comeback Kids!?

What are you guys doing if not making music?
Andrew: Some members in the band like hanging out with friends, hanging our with girlfriends, taking care of band BIZ, checking myspace, raging at parties, playing poker, driving, going to shows, headbanging, eating, and watching movies.

The profits of your release show are supposed to be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Why did you choose this foundation?

Andrew: Scott's step dad has Multiple Sclerosis. We wanted to raise awareness of the disease and also help out in any way to the foundation. We have the opportunity to get alot of people out to our cd release show and raise a decent amount of money, so we thought we would give it to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

You have been twice in Germany with CHAMPION. How did you like it and when are you coming back?

Andrew: We love it! People switch their V's and W's. example: I would say "Available". A German would say "Awailable". It's classic. I'm actually mostly German though, but born in Canada. We will be coming back to Germany this summer if all works out as planned. Keep an eye out!

Thank you very much for your time. Do you have any final comments?
Andrew: Thank You! WAKE THE DEAD in stores Febuary 22/05. for more info!