Interview mit Dear Whoever



I did not know Broken Line Records before. As you are currently the only band in the roster, do you have anything to do with the label?

Jason Garner: Zach and Stephan from broken line do alot of booking and advertisments for the band. Our guitarist Jason does alot of work within the band.

You had a pretty good start with your debut ep, having sold over 1000 units in 3 months. You also did use the instruments of the www like purevolume and myspace pretty well. How would you explain this success?

I feel the music speaks for itself, we put our hearts and souls into every song. However myspace and purevolume have been a continuing tool for our band, as well for many other artists.

How would you describe the sound you play?

Personally, I play leads, I like to be as ambiant and diverse as I can, as you will hear in our new album. As a band we blend alot of different influences, ranging from hardcore, posthardcore, and throw melodies in the songs.

There are a lot of bands like HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, SILVERSTEIN or UNDEROATH with similar song structures and the interplay of melodies and
aggression. how are you going to differentiate yourselves from those bands?

As young musicians, we are constantly learning every day, writing new material, letting our influences come into play as time progresses. When we wrote “sound the trumpet”, we were still developing our sound, so you can see the similarities in the music with the bands that you mentioned. Our new material that we are writing for the new album is alot more diverse and mature.

What is the main idea behind DEAR WHOEVER? Do you have a certain vision?

We feel it is important to be a positive influence on the lives of whoever we reach. Through our lyrics and songs we have written, we hope we can be of help to someone in a time of need.

Where do you see your musical influences?

Personally, I listen to everything from Flava Flav to Journey.

What's on your schedule for 2006?

We are co-headlining a west coast tour in March and April, and a full national tour beginning in May, through the middle of June, then hope to jump on warped tour.

What are you guys doing besides music?

Pizza boy, telemarketer, unemployed, merchandizer, and bean boy (aka starbucks)

Thank you very much for your time, the final comment is yours.

thank you again for this interview, lets keep in touch. make sure to check us out on tour when we're in your area.