Interview mit Glassjaw



This interview has been done in Glassjaw's tourbus before
their show where they opened for Soulfly in Munich.
Could you please introduce yourself
to our readers?
My name is Beck and I play guitar in a band called Glassjaw.
You've been to Europe some months ago opening for the
Deftones. You also played those huge festivals like Rock Im Park or Rock
Am Ring....
It was a little weird, there was a different crowd. We
didn't know anyone, no one knew us and we were like the opening act on the
smallest stage of this huge it was kinda like "hey get the
fuck of the stage"...but we had fun, we made the best of it.
And how was the rest of the Deftones tour?
It was awesome, it was like the coolest thing I've ever
done. Like every other country was given thumbs up and it was really fun.
How do you feel like sometimes being pushed into this
whole New Metal thing?
New Metal sucks. You know, we listen to all types of
music, but no New Metal. Nor are we a new metal band,I think if you listen
to the record you could see that, we're more of a Hardcore ... Post Hardcore
band. Like our influences are more abstrackt. Our influences aren't Korn
or Limp Bizkit, our influences are anything from like Earth Crisis to Elvis.
It's not so obvious and cheesy as New Metal. I think there is a lot more
to it than that.
How do you feel about Ross Robinson's statement that
you are "The destroyers of the Post Millennium Adidas Rock"?
I think it's kind of funny, is it true? I don't think
so, or that.....sure... *laughs* I think it's just a big fucking statement
on a label to put on a band. I don't think that we are that popular yet.
Did you bring out any other recordings before your CD
on Roadrunner?
We did an EP back in the days called "Kiss Kiss Bang
Bang" propably we'll gonna release it ourselves if we can, becaus I know
like a lot of kids in America buying it for a lot of money, something like
70 Dollars on ebay and shit.So we try to repress it and sell it for like
10 Bucks on our website. Roadrunner doesn't do vinyl but I wanna put out
vinyl of our record, because we all collect vinyl so it's kinda cool to
How would you explain your band to somebody who never
heard about you?
Rock 'N Roll
How do you feel about Darryls illness being a topic in
nearly every interview?
You know it's something that partially drives
the band. It's about his life so that's his piece in the pie that's what
he can bring into the band. So I mean it's ok.
I read an interview where Darryl said that he is also
the keyboarder in Glassjaw...I didn't hear any in the CD?
He plays piano on one track, it's like a hidden
track on our record.
You guys have reached a lot during the last
year, like getting a deal with Roadrunner, touring with the Deftones but
what would be the band you'd mostly like to tour with?
The Bad Brains.
How did you get to the name Glassjaw?
I was 14 and Darryl was 13 and that was just
a name we picked when we were young and it sounded like a lot of the New
York Hardcore bands at that time with all those two syllable names like
Mouthpice, Bulldoze so it just made sense being young and stupid but we
stuck with the name over the years now. So Glassjaw just stands for the
band and has grown with it......but there is no further meaning.
Are you into politics?
No, I personally don't give two shits about
So how do you feel about the recount in Florida?
Well, I didn't vote or anything and I didn't pay too much
attention on it. So I mean it's quite a coincidence that Bush's brother
is the governor of Florida and that's where the votes are fucked up. So
I say just do a recount.
Looking at your gig at Rock Im Park I saw three X es on your amps...are
you guys Straight Edge?
I am and Darryls is but he doesn't like to say. But not
everyone in the band is Straight Edge.
What does it mean to you personally?
To me it means self discipline and respecting myself and
respecting others.
And how do you feel about bands that try to educate people to it or preach
about it?
It got really popular and then people got sick of it!
I think there is nothing wrong with it. It might get annoying but mentioning
that it is a positive thing if you look at it is fine. I have no problems
with bands talking about Straight Edge. I think it's kinda like cool as
it is a positive thing.
How do feel about this whole do it yourself (DIY) thing? Have you been
I've written in Fanzines when I was younger, we've all
partaken booking shows here and there, we booked our own tours. But we couldn't
tour much when we were young because Darryl was always sick.
How did you get to the cover? To me it's pretty much like a strong contrast
to the music...
Like whenever we'd go visit Darryl in the hospital. Things
were clean, there is no feeling around, so Darryl put alot of it into the
record. So I thought it would make sense to have the record represent what
he was going through and his very steril feeling. Like you look at the record
and you see like that pillbox like that's what he uses everyday and if you
go looking at these things you see that staying in an hospital sucks.
Do you already have songs for a new record?
Not really, we've been touring all time.
So what's up in the future?
We wanna do a lot more touring I think our label want's
us to record a record but they can fuck off, fuck them....we wanna do more
touring. I don't know what's going to happen and when we're ready we'll
go and write a new record.
Any final words?
Everything I said was a complete lie, I'm a liar......No....I
don't know, just thank you very much, we appreciate everyone enjoying the
album. And if you never heard of us, go out and spend the 12 bucks.....