Interview mit Khoma



Hello, who is answering the questions?

Fredrik Kihlberg, Guitar, Piano, and Vox

Can you give us a brief run-through of the KHOMA story, so far? Whats
up in Umeå?

A: We started in 2003 and released the debut tsunami 2004. In 2006 we started making a new album without having a label. Along the way we signed witn road runner and released "the second wave" which was very well received. After that we've been taking it pretty slow, doing other stuff and musical projects. It took a while to recharge, but we wrote new song during the the whole period between ³the second wave² and "a final storm"

What is the meaning of the name KHOMA for you?How has been the response so far on your third album "A Final Storm"?

A: It's been awesome so far! I don¹t know how it¹s been received in Germany yet but in scandinavia it's been great!

How do you personally feel about this record? It is not really stormy, or?

A: Well, personally this record was very hard to make and we all got really frustrated. We decided to record almost everything ourselves and that took a lot of time, and we didn¹t have a lot of time. we all had very hectic schedules at the time. living in different parts of the country it
was very hard to get together and get feedback and such.I'm sure you can imagine. But, we¹re all very pleased and happy with the result so It was
definently worth it, but indeed stormy to make!

Your sound was often compared to post hardcore bands. Or do you think KHOMA feels like COLDPLAY or THE CURE with bittersweet melodies? How would
you describe your sound?

A: I think people who listen our music are the ones to describe it. I really cant do it. But it sounds fair that it can be compared with both Cure, Coldplay and Post Hardcore. I think the combination between, as you put, "bittersweet melodies" and the heavy agression makes you refer to such bands as mentiond above.

How does your third album "A Final Storm" compare to your other releases?

A:I think you're better off answering that really. I just think it¹s just better than the last one. The songs are better, when it's heavy it's heavier and the intense parts are more intense than "the second wave", but there's still room for songs such as "Harvest" and "Inquistion"

What are your major influences and how do you manage to combine them?

A:We have a lot of different influences from all kinds of music and arts. You just need to sit down and talk about your influences, in which
direction you want to go with the sound and the estetics, you know.

Who is responsible for your lyrics and where do you get inspiration from?

A:Jan, who is the lead singer, writes all the lyrics. If you listen to the lyrics there often a comment of the society we live in, about the
inequalties, injustice, opression, and the struggles a lot people have to endure.

What are you doing beside music?

A:I run an art store in Stokcholm and in Umeå (, Jan is a teacher in political Science at the university of Umea, and Johannes is working with production in television and films.

Are you already planning a tour through Europe and especially Germany?

A:Right now we're planning our schedule for 2011 and hopefully there will be a a lot of shows and of course we plan to visit Germany!

The Last word is yours!

A:Thank you and see you soon!