Interview mit Loudblast



Please introduce yourself!

I'm Stephane Buriez, former Guitarist/Singer of LOUDBLAST.

For anyone who maybe hasn't heard of LOUDBLAST before, how would you describe yourself?

LOUDBLAST is a pure Death/Thrash Metal band.

Your sound manages a thrash and a death style with groove and melody. LOUDBLAST began playing thrash metal influenced by the classic American bands such as Slayer. In 1991 they recorded the album "Disincarnate", and the result was a pure death metal album. In the late 90's they incorporated more melody and groove in their music while maintaining a thrash/death aesthetic. Did you agree with that?

"Disincarnate" is maybe more death metal in a way than "Sublime Dementia" for example but I definitly think that we alwys kept a part of melody in our music without sounding cheesy.

You are one of the most important French metal bands of the 90s and pioneered the genres Thrash/Death in your homeland. You have sold over 300.000 copies of your music. In 2009 LOUDBLAST announced a new lineup after a few year hiatus. What do you feel the future holds for your band?

At first we're heading for the next gigs that will begin in April, we're are also booked on the "Hellfest Festival" 2010 edition so the priority for us this year is to play and show people how the new lineup sounds like...And it sounds better than never before !!!

Which bands have influenced LOUDBLAST the most?

Death, Slayer, Morbid Angel...

Let's talk about your newest releases, the live CD/DVD "Loud, Live And Heavy" and the reissue of your backcatalog with five outputs. What is behind the birthday present of 20 LOUDBLAST years? Is there a comeback in 2010 with a new album?

I really think that"Loud, Live & Heavy" is a master piece for all metal fans &Loudblast fans (future, old and new !!!)It shows every periods the band crossed since 1986 from live archives to studio recordings in Tampa.Not forgetting that the 3 other live gigs we put on "Loud, Live & Heavy" are professional multicams shootings.I took us a long time to come up with cd/dvd and that really worthed the deal !for the re-editions of our first albums I guess it was time to have those back in stores, plus the17 rare tracks give another interest to those re-editions

What can you say about extreme music in your country? I think there is a growing scene with talented newcomer bands.

Sure bands like Dagoba, Gojira or Gorod are amazing and got nothing to be ashamed of,in front of the international scene

What do you think about the whole "Myspace" trend? Do you keep
track of such things?

If it hallowed more people to listen to LOUDBLAST it's ok for me.

Are you already planning a tour through Europe and especially Germany?

I 'm dying to come back playing in Germany it's been a fuckin' while!!! I really hope we'll be playing before the end of the year, maybe some festivals wait & see.

Do you have any CDs you would like to recommend for our readers?

My favorite at this moment AUTOPSY "Severed Survival"

Any last statements?

Check our releases and be prepared to a pure metal mayhem.