Interview mit MOVEMENTS



MOVEMENTS haben am 18. September 2020 ihr zweites Album "No Good Left To Give" (Fearless Records) veröffentlicht, Wir hatten die Chance der Band ca. zwei Monate nach Veröffentlichung ein paar Fragen zu stellen. 

Allschools: Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. How are you? 

MOVEMENTS: Doing pretty well, all things considered!

Allschools: How do you deal with the current Covid19 situation? How do you feel about not being able to tour? And what do you do with your extra free time? 

MOVEMENTS: We’re just taking it day by day like everyone else. Definitely sucks not knowing when/if we’ll get to go on tour at any point in the coming year or so, but we’re trying to stay hopeful! Each of us have resorted to filling our extra time with new jobs, which is sort of a bummer, but it’s good to have something in the meantime!

Allschools: In your opinion, are there any positive aspects resulting from this pandemic? 

MOVEMENTS: The only positive I can see from this is that people will appreciate shows/general social interaction more when it’s all said and done.

Allschools: Let’s talk about music: “No Good Left To Give” is out for several weeks now. What kind of feedback have you received so far? 

MOVEMENTS: So far the feedback we’ve gotten has been really positive! I’ve seen a lot of people say they like it more than our first record. On the other hand though, I have seen a handful of comments that it’s “too different” for some people. I definitely disagree with that opinion, but to each their own!

Allschools: In your opinion, what are the differences between “Feel Something” and “No Good Left To Give”? 

MOVEMENTS: I think the main differences really just come from the instrumentation. We wanted this album to feel much bigger and fuller than Feel Something. There’s more layers, more instruments, bigger production, etc. We also tried stepping out of our comfort zone a little bit and trying new things. At its core, each song is still very much what Movements has always been. Deep, emotionally driven  lyricism, coupled with driving yet sometimes atmospheric instruments to create something that sounds familiar but fresh all at the same time. 

Allschools: Are there things you did differently compared to “Feel Something”? 

MOVEMENTS: We did more co-writes on this album than on Feel Something. It was cool because getting a new perspective from an outside songwriter really helped some of these songs come together in a unique way.

Allschools: Which song from “No Good Left To Give” is your favorite? And why?

MOVEMENTS: My favorites are tied. I think Skin to Skin and Seneca are in the top spot for me. Skin to skin because it’s the most catchy, the most fun, and just overall a really classic track. Seneca because it’s more of a wildcard, it means a lot to me personally, and because it has (in my opinion) the most captivating bridge/outro on the entire record. That guitar lead at the end is stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.

Allschools: Your songs are always very personal. Do you find it difficult to open up and let strangers join your feelings and emotions? Are there themes you would never write about? 

MOVEMENTS: I think in the beginning of the band’s career it was definitely hard to be vulnerable. I used to hate showing my lyrics and song ideas to even my band mates because I just hated the idea of putting my emotions and deep personal thoughts out there to be “judged” by others. As time has gone on though I’ve gotten more comfortable with it. I think being in my position has forced me to become more confident overall.

Allschools: Who is shown on the cover of the record? And what is the idea of the design?  

MOVEMENTS: The cover is a mix of two of our friends faces. We basically just asked two of our hottest friends to help us and be on the cover and they said yes. The theme is kind of this idea of “identity” and how that pertains to love, loss, relationships, inner turmoil. I’ve been really into analog collage over the last year or so, and I wanted to just take a bunch of pictures of their faces, rip them up, and glue them back together. I think it turned out really well!

Allschools: What are your plans as a band for the rest of the year and for next year? Is it even possible to make plans at the moment?  

MOVEMENTS: No fucking idea! Playing it by ear for now.

Allschools: Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions. Any last words?  

MOVEMENTS: Thanks so much! Wear a mask!