Interview mit Madball



Hi Freddy, how are you?.. Where are you at the moment? Busy in promoting your new record?
I'm well thanks. Currently I'm in Europe on tour.....yes promoting the record!

The release in the US had to been pushed back 1 week? What happened?
There were some delays at the plant where the CDs,etc are being manufactured- unfortunately these things happen. We should be back on track now.

What comes to your mind if you think about your new record? Is there a Special Story about it? What exactly is for you the meaning behind the album title „Hardcore lives“?
What about the guest spots on „Hardcore lives“, how did it come that you choose Candace, Scott and Toby?

What comes to mind is stress! There are many stories related to this record, like any record. The main thing is, throughout the process every one knew we had to put our best foot forward. No matter what was going on, we had to make a record that was going to really "make noise". So as a team we did and I'm happy about that, I think you can hear it in the end result. As far as the title, it's really about the spirit of what we do and what were a part's about reminding people but also pushing the genre forward. It's certainly not just saying it for the sake of saying it because it's a. "Familiar" catch phrase. It has many layers the title- as least for us. Regarding the guest vocals- they are all friends and front people that I respect. I felt this was the record to have some guests and we made it happen. Scott and Toby have been waiting to jump on something since we've discussed it in the past. Candace was made for that song as she was very down to make it happen!

How have the reactions for the new record been so far?
Great! The best immediate reaction from a live crowd that we've had for any record. That's saying something I guess.....

After recording and releasing a new record I suppose in most cases you probably think the actual record is at least one of, if not the strongest? Do you agree? Or how much time do you think it will take until you can rank „Hardcore lives“ within the MADBALL discography?
I think all bands/musicians want to believe that their latest effort is their strongest. That's what we all strive for, to evolve and get better....yet still represent who we are within the genre we represent. In some cases you want to believe that but it's not the case, in some it ends up being true. For me, I don't think.. I know this is our best record to date. That's not an arrogant or egotistical statement it's just the reality of the situation. It's our most catchy, diverse, best sounding, and strongest effort. I've believed that about other records that we've done in recent years and I was off. Not that they were bad but this is that record. This is a new bar and standard we've set for ourselves. Most people I talk to agree!

The first time I have Seen Madball live was 20 years ago at the Set it Off Tour here in Germany, whats keeps you still going after all this years?
Wow long time! We're actually celebrating that record with a show at TIH fest and possibly some others near the end of the year. What keeps us going is the fact that were still growing as a band. We don't have the luxury to say, we've been around 20 something years and so we're good we don't have to do anything else. Ha. We're still in the trenches of the music world. We're still on the grind. We're still striving to reach our full potential- whatever that may be! We're still building! So that keeps us "young".

So what about the person Freddy Cricien, what is important for you besides MADBALL and the hardcore scene in general? Are you married, do you have kids?
Family. That comes before, during, and after Madball. That's what's most important. Yes, I'm married for 10 years and I have an amazing 2 and half year old son. They are my world!

Are there any plans for this year besides touring?
Besides touring, spending time with the family which is most important - maybe some Fam trips we'll see. On the music side- I'll be working on my next hip hop release and next years BNB bowl,etc.

Any last words?
Hardcore lives!