Interview mit Malevolent Creation



With whom of MALEVOLENT CREATION do I talk?

Gus Rios-drums

Congratulations to your new record! Your new album is even more brutal than the previous ones. What happens?

We consciously wanted to write a short, fast, and brutal album. Going into the writing process with an idea of what you want really helps out the final product. Plus we wanted to show that after 11 albums and 20+ years the band's as fresh and relevant as ever!

I also heard often about MALEVOLENT CREATION members saying that they are fascinated with war, why this topic?

It's realistic and makes for great song topics...I mean we do play death metal! Plus we come from a country that can't seem to stop warfare, so we're surrounded by it whether we like it or not.

In my opinion "Invidious Dominion" is an excellent record, better produced than the last albums an straighter than your last outputs.

Thanks! Good songwriting+Rutan's production=good album!

Erik Rutan produced the album. He does a lot of Florida death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse. Have you worked with him before?

No. He's been a friend and fan of the band forever and it just finally happened. He was really pivotal in the final outcome of this album, not so much as main producer, but as a co-producer and engineer. He'll be doing the next album for sure!

You have a new member who?s not really new: Your original bassist Jason Blachowitz came back. I think, Jason is a well-known tattooist in south Florida. Why is he back?

He heard our new album and shit himself! Plus the fact that we have management now and things are being run professionally was very appealing to him. He's still tattooing, but he wanted to be part of the evil horde again! ha!

Can you comment these frequent changes of MALEVOLENT CREATION members since the beginning of the band?

Being in this band can be too tough for some people I guess.

Do you have any plans for touring in Europe, especially in Germany, this year?

Germany is our biggest market! We are currently in the process of booking heavy touring of Europe.

Thank you for that. Last words are up to you!

Thanks for the support and we'll see you out on tour!