Interview mit Roger Miret & The Disasters



What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had oatmeal

Tell us something about your new band Roger Miret & the
did you got together ? Who's in the line-up?

Basically I began writing the songs about 2 years ago and little bylittle included some of my closest friends to join in and the current line upis myself on vocals and guitars, Johnny Rioux from the Bruisers on bass, JohhnyKray from the Krays on drums and finally Rhys Kill from Balance on leadguitars.

I heard your Album will be ready in March. Tell us something about the recording sessions, where?

Its looking more like a May release. Everything went well and I am very proud of the way it turned out. We recorded it at The Outpost in Boston and had all our friends come along and do backups.

You're more then 20 years in the Hardcore scene around now, what
keepsyou going after all this years?

...Its my life. I live it and no nothing else. I am dedicated to our movement.

What do you think about the New York Hardcore Scene?

I think it is oneof the best scenes in the world. There is a lot of good things going
on in ourscene and of course with the good you get the bad.

How did the last Unity tour come out for you?

It was amazing. I really enjoy the Unity Tours the best. I am on the American Unity tour at
the moment with T.S.O.L and The Casualties.

Are you planning a new Unity tour 2002 again?are there any plans
about the bands?

Of course a tour is being planned. At the moment we haven’t confirmed
any bands.

Together with Onno Cromag you made a second Edition of the
WorldwideTribute to the Real Oi, Tell us something about the process?
Did you get any feedback on it so far?

So far the feed back is great. We have made another great Oi compilation. The process is always difficult but the end results make it all worth the work.

Its getting a little quiet around Lady Luck in the moment! What's up
with Denise and the rest? Is the band still in existance?

At the moment it is quiet. I had to come home and finish my Disasters record. We are still a band lets be patient.

Tell us your most funny tour story?

Stigma fell down the stairs!

What are the 5 best and the 5 worst Sides on Vinnie Stigma?

Vinnihelps out all the other bands he tours with.
He techs for the
He is always down to hang out with all the kids at every show.
He sings along to the Bruisers without knowing the lyrics and he sings very loud in the
shower when everyone else is trying to sleep.....
For the five worst sides?
1. Lazy
2. Cheap
3. S. O. S. ?"The sounds of Stigma"
4. Buzzard.
5. His shit stinks.

What are your future plans?

Keep your eyes open for upcoming Disasters and Agnostic Front tours.

Any last comments?

Dont forget to pick up out The Disasters record it should be out in May on Hellcat Records.