Interview mit Shortage



Ok, first of all - introduce your band and tell us about your history!


SHORTAGE was founded in 1996. We released our first mini-cd in 1997 on noggoz music. It was sametiteled an had 5 songs. The first full-length was recorded 1999 and released on ic-recordings. now we are back again with our new record "SHORTAGE_control_1.0", on circulation records. the power and inspiration for our music comes from various things from snowboarding, cycling, music, work, friends, over playing live to family.

What do you guys do for a living?
Some of us are studying, (informatics, industrial design, politics), one of us is bekoming a cook, one is working for MTV, wich is actually a job like every other.

Ok, there´s a new record out called Control 1.0 - lets talk about the music and the lyrics!
We put a lot of work into this record. we had no release for about 4 jears, so we wanted to create something that is 100% SHORTAGE. Every song was worked over, and over again. We call it "würzen". To get the best result, we were experimenting, tried new sounds, worked on our backin vokills. While the recording, we had a good support from Peter Oz, Headquarter Studios. He helped us finding the perfect sound for this record.
For the first time we are completely satisfied with the result.
The lyrics are mainly influenced by Flo's hatered against mediamanipulation an hypocrisy, some are personal and some are fictional to give some space for own interpretation.

Your new record is very good produced and has a very decent artwork - tell us some details about the recordings, ablut the artwork - which is not typical hardcore ... tell us about your intentions!
Actually there is no general definition for what is hardcore. That is what keeps the scene alive. We tried to find a way to visualize the way we see our city, the way it is inspiring us for the way we see hardcore. In the artwork you can find representing pictures of what we see as manipulating institutions, like media, religion, politics........
The sound fits perfect to the songs and our imagination of a good production.

You got a new label - Circulation Records. Are you satisfied with how your label works and how did you get the contact and the deal with the Circulation Guys?
We've been searching for a label for quite a long time. On a show in Dresden the Circulation guys came up and offered us a great deal. Johannes & Co are doing a really good job in every way. We are very thankfull for this opportunity.

What´s planned for the future? any tours?
Nothing is fixed yet and we are open for every proposal. Right now we are promoting the album on weekend shows.

What about nowadays scene? what´s the scene in Berlin like today?
We have the feeling that the scene is awaking again. people come to shows of smaller bands and enjoy it. There is kind of a new spirit. It's movin' again!
There are some cool bands like BATTLE ROYAL, SOUR COINCIDENCE and of course FINAL PRAYER with Pascal on drums, and members from BATTLE ROYAL, SELF CONQUEST and EX-LIFEFORCE.

Ok, tell us about the band, your private life and how you organize doing Shortage for the last 7 years!
The main problem we have to deal with is to organize the band besides the duties of everyday life. No more school means less sparetime.
But over the years everyone of us has improved his skills and the bandfeeling in every way.
As we grew the respect for us did, because people reconed we were taking it serious and didn't need no kiddo-bonus.
We always wanted to make good music together. It's a permanent attempt to improve our liveshows and make the people enjoy them and themselves. The music was and still is an important method to loose stress and agressions. We hope that it works in the same way for the people who listen to our stuff.

Ok, some words from me - some thoughts from you about them:
- Straight Edge, Vegetarianism, Political Correct, Tough Guy
do what you like, as long as you don't bother anyone. for some of us it's personaly very important, some don't care at all. We try to practice tolerance.

If you mean the band: we had a great time playing live with them and some of them are still close friends of ours. In general they did a lot for the german hardcore scene.

-At The Gates
most important swedish metal band. very inspiring

-Earth Crisis
massive influence. played with them twice - nice guys!

Any Last Words?
Zieht alle euer Ding durch!!!!
now in english: Pull your thing through!!!!!!

Thanx for the interview and your support. thanx to the whole crew.