Interview mit Solea



Hello Sergie, how are you ?

Oh thanks, I’m very fine !

I’m sorry that the Phoner Interview doesen’t work.

That’s no Problem.

Do you live from your Music ?

no, not at all. in the mid to late 90s, samiam made good money on tour and did two really large publishing the other guys didn't have jobs for about 6 of those years. Meanwhile, I worked the second I got home from a tour. I have never been unrealistic about my financial future with is nearly impossible to try to make a living in music I think...the people that do make a comfortable living aren't usually people that say, "when I grow up I want to make a living playing in a punk band." The ones that do are people that played in bands for the love of it and at some point started making money... like they fell into a lucrative position. I don't have to tell you that I've not been successful in that way...ha...

I do think I would be a much better musician and songwriter if I dedicated myself to music...I admit that. But as much as I love touring and creating..and listening to music...I never felt comfortable relying on it to feed and shelter myself. Plus, in the years the samiam toured constantly, and the band became more of a job, there was alot of stress and hassles that made music less fun.

when I meet someone I never, ever say that I'm a musician...I'm an art director, you know, graphic designer. In fact, if anyone was interested in looking at stuff I do they could see at you'd have to be pretty bored to look at the designs of 'that guy from samiam' wouldn't you? ha.

With atlantic / pacific you are in Germany soon. Is it right that you play SAMIAM and SOLEA Stuff ?

we will play 4 solea songs but not samiam, that would be silly. Like kareoke or something. Plus, Garrett has fond memories of samiam and liking it as a kid, but it's not music he probably likes now...I'm sure he has 'grown out' of that kid stuff...ha.
John, the other singer was in a band that toured germany with the weakerthans last year (house & parish) and we will play some of those songs. Actually, for the solea stuff all three of us will play...but for House & Parish and Texas is the reason songs, it will probably just be John or Garrett up there. Garrett suggested that we mix it up and not just be 3 guys up there the whole time...I like that idea because without bass and drums everysong could start to sound the same otherwise. Although, I'm not sure if I'm really necessary for any of the songs, ha, surely they could do the whole show with out needing me...they asked me 100% because we're friends, not because they need another guitar fucking player.

When can we except that SAMIAM or SOLEA come to Germany ?
I hope very much for solea to tour. but not only is scott, the drummer in Beck, which takes most of his time...garrett isn't really into loud music right now. we'll see...he is always changing his opinions. as for samiam, we hope to come in spring. I would really look forward to's always so much fun to play those songs.

What is your Main Music Project ?
I guess I don't really have one...these bands are so inactive. my main project is playing guitar on my couch. recently I've been trying learn alot of classic rock guitar solos, which is difficult for me because solos never where my thing. but I have been tackling a lot of zeppelin, acdc and hendrix solos. Right now, actually, I have been learning 'sweet child o mine' by gunsn roses. It's really hard...and I get discouraged very easily when I go on youtube and see 15 year old guys from Chile or Sweden who are 100% better than I. Kids that probably never played a show or been in a band...but I watch them like they are little gods to me. ha.
Am I really admitting to you that I do you now know...I'm a nerd.

Do you got some Reactions to your new SOLEA Stuff by press or the Fans or stuff like that ?
Our label, arctic rodeo has been very successful in getting press for this record. I've done so many interviews and seen dozens of reviews...which is great because we are a small, inactive band not many people care about. Of course, I don't read german so I only get the basic idea of their meaning from internet translations...
As far as I can tell, german press usually confirm that it sounds proficient and the songs are well written...BUT...Solea is irrelevant in 2008 or 09, as is the music of texas is the reason or samiam. Which, from the perspective of the media or music industry, I totally agree. If you are looking for something new, why listen to Solea or Samiam or Lagwagon or whatever when you have younger, hotter actof the moment. So I'm not irritated by that criticism. Personally, I don't listen to alot of 'hot' current music...not that it might not be good...but I still love dinosaur jr and the bad brains and the beatles...and whatever I like, regardless of what is popular today. And I aspire to appeal to people like me than a large fraction of the population. That is one of the best things about thinking of music as a hobby and not a job....I don't have to be involved in anything fashionable.