Interview mit Strength In Numbers



Hello guys, please give us a short introduction to STRENGTH IN NUMBERS and its members.
Hi This is Jason from Strength In Numbers and I scream. Tyrone is the singing voice that you hear. Joe and Mike are the guitar players. Anthony plays bass and Bill plays the drums.

What’s about your band name, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, is it by any chanc about having 6 people in the band or does it have another particular meaning?

The name Strength in Numbers is just a name because we needed a name we used to be called Headrush (like 4 years ago) and there are about 7 million bands named Headrush so we changed it to Strength in Numbers. I wish there was a cooler story to tell about it but there isn't.

You guys have been voted “best live band” several times by local papers, tell us something about it. Did you have popular “competitors” or was it just an underground thing?
That was just like a local thing here in Asbury Park NJ. They have the Asbury Music awards and we won a couple of times for best live act. I hope people from the rest of the world will have the same feelings.

“The Veil” is your first full length on Ironbound Recordings. What can people who don’t know STRENGTH IN NUMBERS expect from the record?
People can expect Screaming, Singing , Shreading, Beating, loss of vision, the munchies, paranoia, hives, hay feaver, nightmares, wet dreams, euphoria,. All kidding aside I think they can expect a Metal Album that we poured our hearts into.

There are thousands of metalcore bands out there. What distinguishes your sound from the masses?
I think the thing that distinguishes us is what alot of people have said about us already. And that is you can hear influences but nothing that you can put your finger on. I don't know how other bands are but in this band it is very hard to get 2 members let alone all six members to agree on a band that they enjoy. We all like so many different bands at so many different times that it's crazy when we write. That and we don't have any funny tricks when we play live. We just give it what we've got and try to rock as hard as we can.

You definitely have a spleen for 80ies metal and slower metal parts and don’t jump on the trend for thrashier parts. Where do you get your influences from?

Like I said in the last question we like so many different bands but the essentilas are there for pretty much everyone like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Maiden, Megadeath, Sepultura. But then you can find in our ipods anything from Dillenger Escape Plan to Squeeze and everything in between. I think music that we don't like influences us also because it inspires us to never play anything that ever sounds like that.

Your album was produced by Eric Rachel who already worked together with bands like ATREYU or HATEBREED. How did you experience the difference between self-producing your first EP “Rise and Resist” and working with a veteran like Rachel?

Actually Rise and Resist was produced by Eric Rachel also. I don't think we have ever recorded in a real studio without Eric Rachel. We were working with him since way back in the day when were still Headrush. The thing that people don't know is that "the Veil" is "Rise and Resist" but with 4 new songs on it. We shopped it around to just about every label and it took about 2 years for someone to take a chance on us. But working with Eric is awesome he has the most amazing ability to make you feel like you are the center of the universe when it's you time to record and it shows because just about every record he works on is top notch.

What are you guys doing in Jersey if not making music?
Surf, snowboard, watch movies, read books, work (sucks), drink beer, hang on the beach in the summer, Halo 2 has consumed all of our lives we are addicted.

Well, what are your plans for the rest of 2005? Are you already planning on touring through Europe and especially Germany?

Touring and writing. we have a bunch of songs written for a new album but we want to write some more. We will be touring all through the US and hopefully Europe. I 've never been to another country so I'll be super psyched to go to europe. I love beer so I'd like to hit up Octoberfest.

Thank you very much for your time. Do you have any final comments?
Thanks for the interview and if there is anything else we can do for you let us know. Thanks for helping to spread the word.......Jason